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Every professional developer should be familiar with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery principles and know how to apply them in practice.Ability to automate routine operations makes you more efficient and helps to produce reliable results.We believe that the best way to learn is to learn through practice - this is why we created this course.

Why GitLab CI?

Leading CI system according to The Forrester Wave research:

The trendiest CI system according to Google Trends:

Why this course?

- It is a step-by-step practical guide
- Contains live replayable examples in real projects inside GitLab
- Every lesson has homework assignments to get your hands dirty
- All lessons are professionally illustrated

Course program:

1Get familiar with GitLab CI
2Create your first pipeline
3Deploy a website to an FTP server
4 Create a sequence of jobs
5 Provide runtime environment for CI scripts
6 Use custom Docker images to simplify CI scripts
7 Artifacts: Generate files inside CI
8 Pass files between Pipeline stages
9Adjust pipeline flow while working with multiple branches
10 Gain control on deployment with Environments
11Review Apps: Preview changes before merging

More to come:

12Scripting inside CI✍️
13Pipeline speed optimization✍️
14Deploy keys and SSH✍️
15GitLab Runners✍️

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Who is this course for?

This course is for developers

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